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Hello , let me introduce myself.

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I am enthusiastic  about my life , am  an aspiring poet, lover and good friend. I have been  a visionary and market leader for over 30 years in the  business world in the areas of whole person health and natural beauty.

I am now passionate about assisting others in making empowered and aware choices for their health, life and career path and personal relationships. This has been my journey and as a result, the work I offer in one to one sessions  and groups,  is about supporting the  making of conscious choices for an empowered life.

I have studied whole person health at the Hippocrates Health Institute, Florida and the Anne Wigmore Institute Puerto Rico. Both Institutes facilitate health care programes, utilizing live- food, alkalising nutrition for longevity and vitality, with cutting edge therapies for healing degenerative diseases and preventing stress induced illness.

I  am a Professional Life Coach and have followed a deeper passion in my coaching to work with horses in this area . I graduated from the Epona NOW program for Equine Assisted Learning and  worked and studied at Epona Ranch, Tucson Arizona and Horse Medicine Programe Colorado, as well as been an avid horse woman for over 30 years.

On weekends, my favorite thing to to is exploring the remote islands with my love , picnicking and getting caught in the rain.  (It has to happen often when you live in Ireland).I enjoy hosting dinners and parties for my family and friends

I love to dance , making a home beautiful , I enjoy good cinema, playing with children, partying and socialising, horse riding and just being with horses :). I am nurtured by deep conversations and taking solitary  time for my own refection and awareness. I delight in having healing massage and relish preparing nature’s living  foods that love my body. In fact my morning cocktail is a green juice before walking dogs and daily writing.

There is so much more that I am discovering about myself . This Autumn ,I  will be  stepping out in a new way, be taking up singing lessons to learn some duets with my love to perform as party pieces for our winter gatherings :)



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