Autumn Cleanse and Detox

I have just completed a 7 day cleanse with the guidance of our wonderful Herbalist Colleen Kennedy. James, my love and I did it together, which was a considerable support seeing that we did it at home. James and I are “foodies ” as we both love good food, eating mainly vegan and vegeterian food with some fish. He likes his glass of wine in the evening and I have had the need for a morning coffee and sweet treat creeping up again ! We also had a family wedding, with guests staying for many days and there was much partying and feasting before and after the special day.


Afterward the wedding, I could feel a cold coming on and was generally sluggish. So we decided that even if a little late into winter, to commence a 7-day cleanse. I knew that it would boost the immune system and clear out any residual viruses and toxins and tiredness. . Autumn and spring are the better times for cleanses and detox. Because it of the cold weather, we took Colleen’s advice and combined ayurvedic warming dal, using warming herbs and spices in an evening dish, with fresh green juices and smoothies lased with ginger ( for warmth ) in the morning. We also took herbs that assist in liver and kidney flushes with warming herb teas throughout the day. For the 7 days cut out all bread, sugars, dairy, meat, tea, coffee and alcohol.


I will share some aspects of the week and ensuing days.


*  I was reminded again that caffeine is addictive. For the first 3 days, my head headaches and pains in my body and craving the “kick” that it gives. I know too that it causes much acidic residue in the body. Yet, I had started to need again that morning ritual of a cup or meeting a friend and enjoying it, The 1st day of the cleanse I needed to go to the shops and decided not to, as I knew I would have a coffee! As one of my mentors Dr. Brian Clement from Hippocrates Health institute says “ If you like sugar and caffeine and or are working on cutting it out of your life, you are either an addict or a recovering addict “! I did feel I was coming off a drug those first 3 days !


*   As the days progressed a mental clarity and ease filled me. There has been a growing and deepening focus to my work with clarity of mind that I have not had for a while. I feel empowered with a sense of how much life and love there is to live. My body felt more flexible and my vitality had increased. My skin and eyes have a glowing freshness to them. Since completion this has stayed with me with a sense of personal empowerment by dong the 7 days at home.


*   Since completion there is a renewed commitment to consuming enriched and alkalizing planted based nutrition, drinking nourishing green juices and smoothies daily and to cutting out what eventually zaps energy, such as caffeine and refined sugars and flours. I realize that my life , creativity and sustained vitality depends on these choices. I see again with clarity the lie that  so seductively draws one into a sweet treat and coffee fix and I hope to not succumb again for a long while, if ever  ❤ ❤ ❤




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