Celtic New Year

Tree Autumn

November traditionally in Ireland was considered the New Year
The Ancient Ones on this land believed that all new beginnings begin in the dark, such as the deep dark of winter time.
So – Happy Celtic New Year to you!

Last weekend to mark this time, we sowed 2 bags of daffodil bulbs to add to our already existing daffodil collection.
I am always amazed that when those little brown bulbs go into cold damp clay,, how they emerge later from the dark earth months in bursts of color and freshness.
Those bright yellow and bight green beauties are one of the early signs that winter has passed once more.

This is true too for humans.
All beginnings start with a seed thought in the deep recesses of heart or mind.
These ideas and potentials need time and attention to materialize and become strong in the world.
It could be a thought or desire or feeling of that there is more to this life than what it is at present.
It could be potential out of a time of loss or betrayal which, from my experience , good comes from, when worked with consciously.

I too have questions and soul searching as I turn into the dark of Winter.
What do I wish to have have blossomed in life next February and March ?
What seeds do I need to sow and nourish in this time for this to happen?

Areas for such inquiry could be any be any 1 or more of below :

– Friendships and love relationships
– Personal development and education
– Career choices and moves
– Work and finance
– Creative expression and hobbies
– Fun and relaxation
– Physical care, health and appearance

To look at , to think through on such topics, allows you not to be the victim of life, but rather to direct and co -create life in the way you wish it to go
In the one to one work with clients in person, over telephone or via Skype, I see the need over and over the need to take this time to look and review..
Then planning with steps , whether it be for a better work life balance, a career change, relationship development to name a few.
My work creates a safe and listening place to work with these areas and to assist in making the changes necessary.

My one to one sessions last over an hour.
However, I am moving more and more to a agreed set of 3 sessions as 3 sessions over an agreed time allows work to go deeper.
With a series, momentum is created for follow through on decisions and on allowing clarity to develop.

I am offering 3 sessions with you, to work with your Spring 2015 in mind.
These sessions can be in person or via Skype or telephone.
I look forward to working with you on this, should you wish to .
Please contact me via email:  mary@maryberkery.com  for further information on this .

Good Wishes for deep Wintering .

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