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Retreat in Ireland West

March 21st to 24th 2024 Residential Retreat


We are in a time on earth where almost daily we are been offered choices to live heart-centered in love, joy, and possibilities, or stay in a busy fretful mind of fear anxiety, and worry. The external news and media point to the latter, while each ones heartbeat and breath calls to the former.

There is an overflow of good and grace available in these pivotal times.

There is a shift from the ideas of ownership, power over, and being influenced by what is considered fashionable, cool, and successful, to listening to a different rhythm and wisdom of one's being.

   Take the time to talk, think, and process all possible for you in one-to-one soul coaching, by booking a retreat, or attending an online event. 

Mary Berkery and her team ( sometimes 4-legged) offer heart-centered, body-aware thought-provoking, and healing spaces, in person, online, and in groups. The aim is to explore and expand your potential, courage, life possibilities, and love of self and others.

You are amazing, let's live it.


Saved by a Horse
Stories of love healing and human transformation through horses


A personal story of finding healing in the presence and relationships with horses. Mary Berkery facilitates such experiences for individuals, helping them embody the love, power, and present-moment attention that these majestic creatures offer, thereby expanding our human potential, courage, and awakening.

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