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A Pilgrimage to Glastonbury

Embark on an inspiring journey to Glastonbury. 

3rd - 7th October 2024

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Autumn Equinox Retreat

Coming home to your Soul 

19th - 22nd September 2024

This is a time of  choice points:  To live your uniqueness, with love and passion, or to stay in an old habitual story of self and the world. The influences external news and media can keep one away from the former , while at the same time there is an overflow of good and grace  available in these pivotal times that can maximise your authentic power and beautiful presence.

We are in challenging time too and in an paradoxical way the anxiety and stress that may come up offers too opportunities for awakening and transformation

   Take the time to talk, think, and process all that  possible with one-to-one soul coaching, by booking one or both of these retreat.  

In these up coming retreats, MaryBerkery and her team will offer heart-centered practices, body-awareness modalities, creative thought-provoking sessions, and healing spaces to reflect and relax .

The aim is to be with your inner being with , curiosity and self self . You are amazing, experience it more deeply


Saved by a Horse
Stories of love healing and human transformation through horses


A personal story of finding healing in the presence and relationships with horses. Mary Berkery facilitates such experiences for individuals, helping them embody the love, power, and present-moment attention that these majestic creatures offer, thereby expanding our human potential, courage, and awakening.

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