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- Equine Facilitated Learning

- Accredited Career and Life Coach

- Celtic Soul Facilitator and Mentor


Hello to you and let me introduce myself by saying that I am passionate about whole-person awareness and living with informed,  empowered life choices. I left the business world and return to follow my passion one to being horses, the second personal empowerment. I live in Westport, County Mayo in the Mystical West of Ireland, where I run equine facilitated therapy programs, coaching and educational events in the form of 1-1 sessions, day retreats, and weekend events for professional and personal development for individuals, couples and groups

I am an Accredited Professional Life Coach with the International Coaching Federation, a Relax Kids Coach, Therapist, and have studied the Epona Now method of Equine Facilitated learning and Parelli programs in Natural Horsemanship. I run workshops for young adults, business professionals in Ireland, and Internationally." Mary offers transformative and exciting work for young adults. Poetry, another passion of Mary’s, resulted in the book “ On Earth “ with soul-inspired writings.

Nature and been in Nature has always been my cathedral and teacher. Its seasons and rhythm has helped her stay connected to her own innate cycles.


From a young age I had an ability to perceive other  realities in and through this world. She grew up in the Golden Vale of  Ireland in a place called  Knocksounsa, meaning the Hill of November. It was said that on November eve Oct 31st, the land and the hill she lived beside, was left without livestock, so that  the little people of sacred hill, could come out and play and celebrate the Celtic New Year. 


The Retreats bring these influences in the form of times in nature and allowing nature in the form of megalithic and nature sanctuaries with her equine assistances are teachers and guides. There are also exercises with attunements, journaling and body centering that assists people connect to their innate essence and rhythm

Horses have always been part of my life since age 2. When I ran 2 businesses in Dublin, I would regularly go out to Wicklow to ride and just be with these awake and aware beings. “I would come home feeling more relaxed, less speedy in my mind and more creative and calm in my business decisions.” “Their pure essence helped me come more back to my true self,” she said

In our world of high tech, I have perceived that people are becoming more and more disconnected from themselves and their innate essence. The Corporate world does not allow time for empathy or soul nourishment, but marches to a mechanical beat rather than to a living flowing harmony.

I understand that people need to connect more deeply to themselves before this society becomes overwhelming and stressful. She sees that getting away from the digital world, being in nature for periods of time is the first step. These dynamic times demand dynamic approaches to authentic empowerment and the renewal of creativity and inner connection.

I now am following my passion in facilitating retreats and one to one sessions for young adults, business entrepreneurs, individuals, couples and groups. Her unique approach has proven to be an exciting new force in personal self-development, conscious empowerment, leadership skills and compassionate action in today’s climate. These dynamic times demand dynamic approaches to authentic empowerment and the renewal of creativity and inner connection. Mary Equine Facilitated Learning Therapy programs are in the form of one to one -sessions, tailored retreats and weekend events, for both professional and personal development.    

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