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“If you need a tune-up, a tune in or an audit on following your purpose and personal mission in life attend the Courageous Heart Retreat with Mary Berkery and Dusty Staub. 


From the start, Mary and Dusty expertly nurture and gently facilitate attendees individually and on a group level. Their unique approach draws on diverse perspectives and wisdom. Mary’s experience in the field of equine therapy is phenomenal. Her love and understanding of the power of and connection between the horse and the human are powerful to experience. 


Courageous Heart Retreat lifts the spirit, clarifies the mind and nurtures the soul.”

Mother and Daughter 2019

One to One Sessions




"Prior to meeting Mary our daughter was extremely anxious, she wasn't great at handling her emotions, extremely clingy, didn't like any kind of change and didn't want to take part in any group activities.

She was also afraid of dogs. She didn't want to go to the first session with the horses, however, within 10 minutes of meeting Mary she felt at ease and decided to meet the horses. She identified with the smaller horse and managed to rub and feed the horses. Our daughter couldn't wait to go back for the second session. In between, we could see her confidence growing. She was starting to find her feet.

On the second session, she became even more comfortable with all of the horses. Mary explained to me that I needed to give our child the time and space to figure things out for herself. It was after the second session that we saw even more results for our daughter as I was giving her space she so badly needed. She was also putting into practice how to deal with her emotions when she became overloaded. She appeared to be playing even more in the schoolyard with her peers and able to handle situations that previously would have had her upset for hours. She processed these events much better. She started doing more for herself unaided at home.

On the third session, our daughter took a dog on the lead and then a horse! This session was really amazing to see her breakthrough her fear of the dogs as she initially didn't want to get out of the car. She also leads the small horse around the field. After that session, she started taking part in group PE session and football training sessions at school. She realised she could do it.

On the 4th session, I think I learned a lot about myself. The horses taught me that I needed to stand up for myself and also to show my authority in a way that was clear and I would be heard. I put this straight into practice. Our little girl showed such resilience as we crossed fields together! Our daughter is much stronger now in herself. She isn't as clingy as she was previously. She is much more resilient and more able to adapt to change. She is happier in herself going into school and taking part in group activities. We are very thankful to Mary and her horses for all of the work so far. We have come such a long way in the 4 sessions I would highly recommend sessions with Mary and her horses for any child or parent struggling with anxiety or any kind of life traumas.". CG, Mayo. 

Half-Day Learning Retreat Jan 2019

Máire G.  Ireland

Public Speaker and Speech Writer 

The sessions with Mary and her horses were more impactful thanI had expected. I have always loved horses, though I’ve never ridden. As I had never done anything like this before, I

didn't really have any expectations around what might be gained, and was very pleasantly surprised at the experience.  I gained a lot of insights in a very short period of time - much more so, I think, than if I had spent the same amount of time doing standard coaching. It was also a relaxing and soothing experience, and unexpectedly - a lot of fun

Half Day Couple Equine Assisted Learning Retreat

G. Peterseil Ireland and Germany

Architect, MRIAI

We worked as a couple and got down to our core issue. I felt empowered, energized and confident afterwards. In a luxurious environment Mary was professional with clear boundaries, yet warm and emphatic. An extraordinary experience with horses and with Mary as facilitator, that still works on me. Thank you! 

Angels in Our Landscape 6 Day Residential Retreat May 2019

Kim Kupfever Columbus

North Carolina, USA

“Angels in our Landscape” was a magical retreat I attending in Ireland hosted by Mary Berkery Ireland and Barbara Alexander Asheville NC, They wove Equine Facilitated Experiential Learning with the heart and history of Ireland and its mystical Spiritual side. Our leaders provided their unique styles and came together in their heart, love of horses and attention to each participant and her path, to provide a deep and heartfelt experience.

This retreat was help on a wonderful property with amazing views, The food was delicious and thoughtful ad horses were excellent teachers, I highly recommend this retreat.

Angels in Our Landscape 6 Day Residential Retreat May 2019

Jane Pipkin

North Carolina, USA

Mary Berkery and Barbara Alexander interacted as co facilitators for the six day “ Angels in our Landscape “ Retreat 

The material presented including Celtic history and magic, releasing burdens, acknowledging support and indentifying personal challenges helped me finding ways to open new doors and access ways to digest my own growth, so as to learn and to  transform. 

From this experience I take home with me much to incorporate into my regular life. With gratitude

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