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Embark on journey to Glastonbury. 


October 3rd to October 6th

Have you ever dreamed of stepping into the healing energy of the Isle of Avalon?  Of awakening to the spiritual qualities that the Celtic monks and ancient ones were drawn to there?  Then this retreat is for you.

To this day, visitors experience the unique mystical qualities of Glastonbury ( Avalon), attributed to the town's history and ancient sacred sites. These will assist in promoting inner peace, soul connection and personal insight for continued growth and awareness. 


Glastonbury is located at the intersection of several key ley lines, which are part of the major channels of energy that crisscross the Earth. 

There are many sacred wells and sites to visit where pilgrims to the town tap into healing energies. Glastonbury's unique blend of history, spirituality, natural beauty, and community has made it a popular destination for people seeking a deeper connection with themselves, others, and the divine.


Connect with the pilgrim paths between Ireland and the UK. Visit the sacred places of ritual that our ancient ones revered.



Experience connection to your being in this pivotal time. Take the time to listen to your essence and allow reawakening 

From October 3rd Thursday night welcome 

to Sunday afternoon October 6th

 Fee: €550.00 euro / £470 .00 Stl

Limited to 8 people

This includes daily group sessions, sacred site fees, guided visits, heart coherence practices, ancient mystical rituals,  handouts and links. There will be an evening get-together with bardic stories and songs

in a special sanctuary space

The fee does not include accommodation, meals, and travel costs to Glastonbury. Advice on travel and recommended places to stay will be available for  you.

“Glastonbury is a gateway to the Unseen” 

from Glastonbury Avalon of the Heart by Dion Fortune

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