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Coming Home to your Bones

This poem was written on a day when I was shocked with news I received. I wanted to run away, go somewhere else rather than be with the effect of it on my heart and soul . Eventually, I was reminded to come more consciously into my body and bones with down through body breaths.

This is what I then wrote. In the writing I found solid ground within again.

I send it out to remind you of your inner resilience when you need it.

It is called Bone Home



World news

Court hearings

Shattered relationships

Not rattling them

Iliac Crest

Shaft of Femur

Great Trochanter

Thoracic Cave

Zygomatic Arches

Ramus of Mandible

Manumbrium of Sternum

Sacral Sacred Groove

Glistening white






Do they light

My dark body ?

Their gravity

Holds me


I want to fly away


Go somewhere else

What do they say

On this day

Of broken promises?

They say

Your own

Vast inner landscape

Yet undiscovered by you

Is where to be

They ask today

For your conscious breath


Of what they all do

Keeping bodies upright

In a fallen world

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