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Navigating through this World

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

My dear friend Hillarie who lives in Colorado received shocking news. Her work associate Suzanne was one of the ten people killed in the mass shooting at King Soopers grocery store in Boulder. I contacted Hillarie immediately to make sure she was okay, to hear that Suzanne had been shot and had died. I was so shocked and Hilarie too was distraught with grief.

Suzanne was a well-known local actress and also a financial counsellor. She enrolled hundreds of senior citizen clients in Medicare which is Hillarie’s company. She was efficient, personable and extremely helpful. She had a son ,a partner. She loved to act and was so caring

"She was simply a very genuine person with tons of integrity," Hillarie, said of her "She was always bright and incredibly warm. You could just see it in her eyes."

I lived in Boulder Colorado in in the 90’s. In fact I got married there. It is such a beautiful town nestled under the Rocky mountain range and is known for its personal development workshops and meditation centers. It has some wonderful universities, Naropa been one where I studied creative writing in. It also is know for it IT business and fitness programs for Olympic athletes . Yet the joke is that in Los Angeles you track the smog count and in Boulder it is more about checking the incense count !

Why does something happen like this in such a beautiful ? How can someone so bright and loving be caught in such an aggressive act ? An act that cost her and others their lives.

It reminds me of a story many years ago of again with my friend and mentor Faith Nyquist. I was of driving her to the nearby city where she was giving a talk. At the same time there had been a major rail accident where carriages were derailed and eighteen people were killed . It is called The Buttavent Rail disaster. When we arrived to the house where Faith was staying , the lady of the house was related to one of the people who were killed. “He was a very able capable person with a brilliant mind , a family man too' she said " Why would God allow such a man to die?” she asked

“Protection is always towards you “ Faith replied

“He had the opportunity to do something other than take the train” she said.

"That is most interesting" the cousin replied. "He was offered a lift to his destination and declined saying as he had work to complete and would travel on train to do so. He chose the first class carriage as then they only had tables. In fact that as the first carriage that got derailed with most of the causalities. “

Faith continued by saying that life can be uncertain and often tragic how we need to tuned in to all the care and support that is there to steer ways through an unpredictable world.

It reminds me of another story of a CEO of a company I worked with in Germany. He, his son and work colleague were killed as they flew a private plane over the Alps on their way to a project in Bulgaria. I related the story about Faith to one of his colleagues. He again confirmed with me that this voice of protection was there. His wife had asked him not to fly, as the weather was uncertain and he assured her that it would be fine and he would be careful.

All of above are heartbreaking stories and I send love healing and compassion to those effected with such losses. The shock and trauma of all involved in such tragedies is difficult to imagine how they will did or will get through it. What can they say to us or teach us. Perhaps first as to how impermanent life is and at any time on this earth experience it can be gone in flash .

I am reminded too of the importance of taking time each day to tune in , to run my day through , to take my time , to check in when overwhelmed and getting too busy. I know for sure I am more accident prone if I rush and when I am out of tune with wisdom, flow and rhythm.

So how can one become more tuned in and in connect to an over-riding protective presence ?

I will offer three tips that perhaps you can take on board. They have become part of my life and I can vouch for their effectiveness in protection.

1. Listen to your body

Your body has an innate intelligence that is beyond the rational dictates of your mind. Have you ever had a gut response to a situation, person or place ? Have you muscled though this and realized later that your gut was correct. Listen to your body when it has a physical reaction of tightness, withdrawal, or tension. Do not ignore it. This builds and strengthens you trusting your instinct . Animals know how to do this and we have somehow forgotten. In fact in my equine assisted learning sessions we offer exercises where one becomes more aware of body sensations and responses

2. Run your day through before you live your day

Imagine you have a fast forward movie camera in your brain to scan your day though from meetings, to to do lists and travels. In the scan check to see if you have too much packed in. Is it all necessary? Could some tasks be put on an another for another time. Have that pause before you jump into a car. Check if you have all you need for the journey, money , lists, phone , meeting agenda, a bottle of water to name some. I have seen over and over that when I do this I save creating stress, speed for myself over the day. I am moving from an inner compass rather than allowing outside pull me through. It has saved conflicting situations.

3. Call in, ask in, and acknowledge the unseen benevolent forces in your life .

There are many with you on your life path. Those loved, those who are part of your soul family and guides and helper assigned to your life journey. Ask for their wisdom, protection and support . Take time to listen to them, to tune in at important decision making times in your life. You are not alone and much care and protection is around you at every moment of your life on earth. I have had numerous acknowledgments and advice for those in other dimensions. I know that is there for all. It requires opening to a multi-sensory way of being that has been lost and which can be accessed and developed.

Please share your thoughts. We would love to read how you have experienced care, protection and guidance in your life.

Beannacht agus Gra

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