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About Mary

Mary has been passionate about whole-person awareness and making informed personal and professional life choices from a place of empowerment and self-confidence. She left the world of business and entrepreneurship after 25 years to return to this early interest, but this time to combine it with her childhood love of horses — majestic creatures that had brought her powerful personal healing during difficult times.


Mary is professional coach with the International Coaching Federation and has studied the Epona Now method of Equine Assisted Learning. With this wealth of experience, she offers transformative and exciting retreats for everyone from young adults to business professionals in Ireland and internationally.

She now lives in the beautiful town of Westport, County Mayo, in the magical west of Ireland where she runs an active coaching and equine assisted learning sessions and programmes for individuals, couples, and small groups interested in personal and/or professional development. 

"We live in dynamic times. Mary's expertise and unique gifts offer tools and experiences to access your courageous heart and take conscious action toward living a joyful and fulfilled life' CG

Mary is an author of Saved by a Horse- stories of love healing and transformation through horses  | Amazon

She is a TED talk speaker:   TEDx |  Horses as Mirrors | Mary Berkery


"I realised that everything outside me in nature is also within me " From:  My story in Saved by a Horse


From a young age, Mary had the ability to perceive other realities in and through this world. She grew up in the Golden Vale of Ireland in Knocksouna, meaning "The Hill of November". On the eve of October 31st every year, locals would leave the land free of livestock so that the "little people" of the sacred hill could come out and play and celebrate the Celtic New Year.  These influences have been a major part of how she perceives other realities in and through the physical experiences of being human.


Before COVID, social distancing and lockdowns, Mary had perceived that our world of high tech was causing people to become more and more disconnected from themselves and their innate essence. The corporate world does not allow time for empathy or soul nourishment, but marches to a mechanical beat rather than to a living, flowing harmony

To this end, her retreats focus heavily on spending time in nature, at sacred sites, and with her equine assistants as teachers and guides. These along with time to attune, journal, and body-centering exercises, all assist in re-connection to one's own innate essence and magnificence and power.


These dynamic times demand dynamic approaches to authentic empowerment and the renewal of creativity and inner connection.


Mary's unique approach has proven to be an exciting new force in the fields of personal development, conscious empowerment, spiritual awakening authentic leadership, and compassionate action. 

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